LDF flying site

Lower Drayton Flyers are a small club affiliated to the BMFA. We are a bunch of likeminded, friendly model enthusiasts who just want to fly, fly, fly.

We welcome “Newbies and Juniors” with or without any flying experience. We have our own instructors who can help you get into the air safely and quickly. We’re always keen to welcome new or prospective members.

LDF flying site

We have recently extended our strip which is now some 130 metres long and 30 metres wide. The strip is flat, close mown and well looked after.

We have ample parking & pits area, sited in a field of approximately 24 acres. We have a club cabin, a BBQ area, along with ample picnic benches and starting benches. This is a private site, away from any wandering public or dog walkers etc.

LDF flying site

Amongst our membership we have members who regularly have articles published in the RCME and pilots and model builders who are more than willing to share their knowledge.

The next photo shows a flight by two of our Members at 7am, before they go to work.

F-22 Formation

Phils comments / reflections after the flight :-

I dont post about this little hobby much, but I'm really rather proud of what we did today. This is a Freewing F-22 being flown with Dan and his F-22.

Whilst it might not look much, keeping two EDF in formation so close is a bit of a miracle. I won't lie, I did nearly have a heart attack and how I managed to land whilst shaking still amazes me lol. The club I'm a member of (LDF in Penkridge) are a great bunch of guys, between them and the head space flying gives me, has been a life saver (no joke) during lock down.

LDF flying site
We also have a few very informal social events, sometimes with food laid on and sometimes a few even camp over, stretching the flying weekend as long as is possible.

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