Beginners are urged to come along and chat to club members and instructors before making any major purchases.
There’s often a chance that club members have perfectly good “trainer” models and radio that is available for purchase second hand to new members.
During your visit to the flying field, the basic ‘Rules’ will be explained to you, i.e Flying times, Site Layout, Safety etc.

Getting The Proper Training

The length of time-spent learning depends on the individual.
Some people learn faster than others, the average time from your first lesson, to going solo, is about three months; again this depends on how much time and effort you put in.
But don’t worry it will all click into place eventually.
Of course you will not achieve the necessary flying skills by reading about it, “Stick Time” puts theory into practise.
Your instructor is the most important road to success.

Choosing a Trainer Model

There is a bewildering variety of trainer kits, plans and ready-built’s on the market, most of them good, practical designs, easy to build and to fly.
Ideally it’s better to get advice from instructors and club members rather than the local model shop.
We recommend a high wing, four-channel trainer. It may be built from a kit, or an ARTF model.
The latter is the way most beginners are going. ARTF models are very well designed and proven flyers.
Come along to one of our flying sessions and get all the advice you require.

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