Club Notices

21 Jan 2020

New website - Members details

We have a members only website area. 

If you are an LDF paid up member and would like access, please send me (Chris Bott) your email address via Facebook Messenger or text if you know my number. 

I can then set up an account for you and let you know your password.

Once you get that, can you log in and change your password to something I don't know. (Members area, bottom of the right hand column)

Next, can you fill in as many of your details as you can. Some of your details have a check box alongside. If you tick any of these, then those details become available to other members (but not to general public) You decide what to show.

BMFA details. Only me and committee members can add these. So let me know details if you want them adding. They may be very useful for the club to have all these in one place - we'll see.  

Have a look around the members area and you'll see extra pages and some things you can do, such as add a Classifieds ad or show that you're going flying. 

Classifieds will show up not only on this website, but also on other clubs websites that use this hosting system. That's why you see ads from other clubs.

Finally - let me know what you think. Ideas will be useful but not that at this stage, I'm not sure what I can change.

Catch you at the field soon.


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